5 Reasons You Need Real Firearm Training 2018

5 Reasons You Need Real Firearm Training

If you own a firearm, chances are you have thought about real firearm training but just never get around to it. Here are 5 reasons to do it, and soon.

5 Reasons You Need Real Firearm Training

5 Reasons You Need Real Firearm Training 2018

“Firearm Training”

These are two words that pass right through our brains like political promises in an election year. Plenty of respectable people talk about the importance of firearm training. In response to those two short words, we all nod our heads and think “Yes! I do need to get some professional training! I will get right on that!” But then the moment passes, we are back to our normal routine.

Once you have made the decision to purchase a firearm, or carry a handgun, there is nothing that can better prepare you for that moment you wish you had been trained for. Not ammunition. Not paper targets. Not night sights or lasers. Not watching Bruce Willis movies.

Nothing but professional real firearm training.


paper targets are not real firearm training#1 A Stationary Shooter vs. Cardboard That Doesn’t Move

Firing at the stationary paper target at the shooting range sure is fun, but it tends to build up a false confidence. With some more practice, you’ll be shredding that target like a cat treats a toilet paper roll.

You are stationary. Chances are you may be in a criminals sights. This is not even close to a real world situation.

In real firearm training, you not only move, you run. Because chances are pretty damn good, you’ll not be standing perfectly still in a real life situation.

#2 Concealed Carry Classes – A Good Start

Taking a concealed carry class, a real one, is a great start when some states even let you watch a short video in your PJ’s. Somewhere north of 8 million Americans have concealed carry permits. Most of those folks had to complete some form of “firearms training.” Unfortunately the state-required concealed carry permit training mostly addresses legal issues and carry regulations. It’s a great start, but please do not assume that your concealed carry training prepared you to carry and use a firearm successfully.

sunny days and target practice#3 If it’s Raining, I’m Not Training

If you are like most folks, you tend to hit the range on a sunny day. We can almost guarantee that you don’t target practice in the rain, or cold, or wind. We can almost also guarantee that if you ever need to use your gun in a genuine life and death scenario, it’s not likely to be 75 degrees, without a cloud in the sky (and a slight breeze from the southwest). Again, real firearm training doesn’t stop for rain, it welcomes it.

#4 You Need to Get a Little Frightened

Why? Because it’s damn frightening when someone pulls a weapon on you, that’s why. A real firearm training class should frighten you, because it will help you understand just how much you really don’t know.  A good firearm instructor will help you understand how much you want to avoid ever having to use your gun in self defense. They’ll also help you uncover how much practice you still need to use it successfully should you need to.  

target-466800_1280#5 A Tight Grouping on the Range Target Doesn’t Mean Jackshit

That’s great! what a shot! You’re the best!

Now try that in a class where the instructor has you moving, drawing, and shooting all at the same time. In the rain, with your left hand, in case your right hand is hurt.

Here is the bottom line.

Standing and shooting at a stationary target, at your leisure, on a nice sunny day, won’t prepare you for a real-world encounter.

If you are serious about carrying. Then you should also be serious about training.

Real Firearm Training at Echo Valley

OK, so you may have missed our professional firearm training classes at Echo Valley last year. You were busy. You had things to do…

Please, for your safety, and the safety of your loved ones… 

Get some real real firearm training this year.

Combat Shooter Training This Weekend

Use a pistol? Stop putting this off. Call today and reserve a spot for either the SDT Basic Pistol Combat or Defensive Pistol/Advanced Carry.

And if you intend to protect your family with a rifle, there is our Basic Combat Rifle Training. For sport shooters and hunters, we also have a Long-Distance Precision Rifle Training.

Come to any of these firearm training classes and you’ll be dragging your best friends back for the next one.

They’re that good.

Space is limited. Sign up (very) soon.

Book Your Training

Questions? Come on in.


(703) 941-4867

See you at Echo Valley!

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