Basic Firearm Training in NoVA

Basic Firearm Training in NOVA – Firearm Safety Classes

SpecDive Tactical offers Basic Firearm Training in NoVA, not once a week, but three times a week, right here in the heart of the NoVA, Alexandria VA.

Basic Firearm Training in NoVA

Basic Firearm Training in NoVA

Perhaps you seen information on our advanced firearm training at EVTC.  

Sound like fun?

The first step is to attend one of our Basic Firearm Training Classes here in Alexandria VA.

Anyone who has a firearm for the purposes of self-defense (pistol, shotgun, rifle, whatever) should know there’s a lot that goes into using it, like knowing when you legally can and should use it (and when you shouldn’t). It doesn’t matter if you’re old or young, female or male (men are bad at this). There are three parts to gun safety awareness: How to make the gun go bang; when you can make it go bang; and when you should make it go bang.

The SpecDive Basic Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun Training is the best place to start.

This SpecDive Basic Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun Training Courses are approximately 2 hours long, and you will learn the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude for owning and operating a pistol, rifle or shotgun safely. The courses include classroom and range time learning to shoot revolvers and semi-automatic pistols, rifles, carbines and shotguns. You will learn the rules for safe gun handling; gun parts and operation, ammunition types, shooting fundamentals, range rules, shooting from the bench rest position, and two handed standing positions. It also addresses weapon cleaning; and continued opportunities for skill development.

The Basic Firearm Training in NOVA has no prerequisites. It is a beginner course. 

These 2 hour classes are held Wednesday, Thursday and Friday’s at 5:30 PM.

Basic Firearm Training in NoVA – W-F at SpecDive Tactical

Basic Pistol Training is on Wednesday and Thursday, and Basic Rifle/Shotgun is on Friday.

SpecDive Tactical instructors walk you through the fundamental skills for safe and accurate pistol, rifle and shotgun shooting. The fundamental skills such as aiming, breath control, trigger control, and follow through will be over-viewed by our professional instructors and then practiced by the students.

Students will learn safety and handling skills in class.  This enables SpecDive instructors to verify proper understanding of these concepts before you go to the range. This ensures maximum productivity of your time on the range.

You’ll leave knowing the basic gun safety rules that you shall make habitual. You’ll leave knowing you can shoot your weapon confidently. Most importantly, in this two hours, you’ll have fun as well.SpecDive Basic Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun Training Course - SpecDive Logo

These 2 hour classes are held at 5:30 PM. Come join us soon (Map)

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