Basic Pistol Class in Alexandria VA

Basic Pistol Class in Alexandria VA

The SDT Basic Pistol Class in Alexandria includes both class time and range time. Register Online Today. See you soon at SpecDive Tactical.

Basic Pistol Class in Alexandria VA

Basic Pistol Class in Alexandria VA

Most every accidental injury and death from negligent firearm discharges violate one or more of the rules of safe gun handling. Safe gun handling involves knowing the safe gun rules, developing a safety attitude, and integrating habitual safety awareness every time you as much as touch a firearm.

The SpecDive Tactical Pistol Classes in Alexandria VA supply the basic foundation of handgun training. This basic pistol training in Alexandria is intended for those who have had limited to no experience with firearms, or those who want to invest in their time and focus on building a stronger knowledge of handgun skills and firearm proficiency.

This 2-Hour Basic Pistol Class in Alexandria topics such as;

  • Pistol Safety
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Shooting Range Safety
  • Handgun Anatomy
  • Firearm Fundamentals

SpecDive instructors walk you through the fundamental skills for safe and accurate handgun shooting. The fundamental skills such as aiming, breath control, trigger control, and follow through will be over-viewed by our professional instructors and then practiced by the students.

Basic Pistol Classes in Alexandria VA - SDTStudents will learn safety and handling skills in the classroom portion of the class.  This enables SpecDive instructors to verify proper understanding of these concepts before you head to the range to practice firing the pistol. This ensures maximum productivity of your time on the range.

Then, should you decide to conceal carry, we have you covered there as well with our Virginia Concealed Carry Training Classes.

Should you decide to take it one step further, you can take our Defensive Pistol Course at Echo Valley.

Or our Combat Pistol Training.

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But it all starts with basic pistol. These 2 hour classes are held here in Alexandria VA at SpecDive.  

Come join us soon. 

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