SpecDive Tactical Cold Weather Survival Course at Echo Valley

Cold Weather Survival Course

Join us for the SpecDive Tactical Cold Weather Survival Course March 24-25 at Echo Valley Training Center in West Virginia.

Cold Weather Survival Course 2018

SpecDive Tactical Cold Weather Survival Course at Echo Valley

SDT is proud to offer another exclusive course to our customers. Our “NEW” Cold Weather Survival Course is designed to introduce the concept of basic survival techniques in colder climates. The course focuses on the five basic survival needs.

The training regimen includes:

  • Food procurement
  • Water procurement
  • Shelter building
  • First aid
  • Signaling
  • Basic Navigation
  • Area analysis

This course was developed to provide training participants with the skills necessary to survive an unexpected emergency when 911 emergency services are not a simple call away.

The SpecDive Cold Weather Survival Course is a comprehensive cold weather survival training. Our professional training will give you the confidence necessary for surviving in a cold weather environment. All of the skills taught will enable you to meet your basic needs in a survival situation from constructing shelter to signaling for help.

While we will focus on cold weather survival, some of the techniques we teach you can use all year long

Sometime there are blue skies in the morning but by midday, a vicious storm has rolled in before you have time to react. This Class is for anyone who works or travels in cold weather, with the potential to be stranded in cold, wet conditions.

Class will be held on March 24-25, 2018 and will be 8 hours per day

Cost for the two day course will be $ 450.00 per person

These two full days of training is designed to teach you to stay alive in cold environments.

Hope to see you there!


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