Combat Pistol Training in Alexandria VA

Combat Pistol Training in Alexandria VA

Visit SpecDive Tactical, signup for Combat Pistol Training in Alexandria. Then head to Echo Valley Training Center for a full day of combat pistol training.

Combat Pistol Training in Alexandria VA

SpecDive Tactical combat shooter experience at Echo Valley

If you want to really learn how to handle a pistol and protect yourself and loved ones, head to SpecDive Tactical (or feel free to register HERE) and get ready to spend a full day learning to shoot at multiple targets, while on the move.

In other words, this Combat Pistol Training is a close to real life as you can get.

Now we are not knocking an afternoon at the shooting range, but this is not your average day at the range.

You bought a pistol to defend yourself and your loved ones.

Combat Pistol Tactics may be extremely important if you want to take your personal protection to a higher level, or you actually find yourself involved in a violent self-defense encounter.

And if it’s the later, you’ll be far better prepared.

The SpecDive Tactical Combat Pistol Training is the natural progression of modern handgun training.


You Move!

In a real-time situation, like a home intruder, or an active shooter in a public area, it’s likely that the target will be moving, and it’s also likely you will not be standing still.

That’s why Combat Pistol Training is valuable.

Combat Pistol Training in Alexandria VA

This all-day combat pistol class will cover;

  • Combat Pistol Training in Alexandria VASafe Weapons Handling
  • Magazine Changes
  • Standard Malfunction Protocol
  • Grip and Stance
  • Visual Target Accommodation 
  • Drawing the Handgun
  • Manipulation and Retention of the Handgun 
  • Proper Grip For Optimal Recoil Management 
  • Accuracy Drills
  • Shooting from Cover 
  • Multiple Target Engagement
  • Timed Shooting Drills
  • and more

The SpecDive Tactical Combat Pistol Class is a dynamic learning experience, teaching you to move and shoot, work through malfunctions and overall become a much more proficient handgun shooter. Accuracy and speed drills coupled with stress is what this course is designed around. Come the end of the day, you will have a solid level of confidence in handling a pistol.

Combat Pistol Class Requirements

  • Reliable firearm Glock, Smith And Wesson M&P, Springfield XD style pistols (9mm or 40 Cal.)
  • 3 Magazines hold at least 15 rounds per magazine)
  • Holster (Safariland, GALCO etc. No Blackhawk style holsters allowed)
  • Tactical battle belt or chest rig with Magazine pouch for 3 magazines
  • Comfortable clothing, avoid low cut shirts, and uncomfortable shoes
  • 150-200 rounds of ammunition per shooter
  • No Steel Core Ammo Allowed
  • Long pants and no “V Neck” shirts or shorts
  • Good outdoor style shoes or boots
  • Rain outerwear
  • Event Will Not Be Canceled Due To Foul Weather!

Combat Pistol Class size is limited.

See all the training available from SpecDive Tactical

These classes at the Echo Valley Training Center are very popular, so Register Today !

combat pistol classQuestions? Come on in.  

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See you at Echo Valley!

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