why combat pistol training is valuable

Why Combat Pistol Training is Valuable

Sadly, anymore, all you have to do is watch the news to know why combat pistol training is valuable for both yourself and your loved ones.

Why Combat Pistol Training is Valuable

So you’ve gone to the range and have stood still and fired at a stationary target. That practice is good training for sure, but it lacks “real-time” elements. Like moving. In a real-time situation, say an intruder in your home, or an active shooter in a public area, it’s likely that the target will be moving, and it’s also likely you will not be standing still. That’s why Combat Pistol Training is valuable.

Combat Pistol Training This Coming Saturday April 6th at Echo Valley

why combat pistol training is valuable

Combat Shooter Training like this is not available anywhere else on the east coast. The skills taught ensure that the student is highly prepared for a combat situation. Training participants will encounter multiple, reactive steel targets with very short exposure times. The drills are designed to force the student to engage multiple reactive targets and reload under stressful and limited time conditions as well as using effective stances and cover while doing so. This is all done as to get your an experience as close to “real life” as possible. Approximately 200-300 rounds of ammunition are required for this training.

Echo Valley Training Center is located approximately 20 minutes west of Winchester in West Virginia.

SpecDive Tactical combat shooter experience at Echo Valley

SpecDive Tactical’s Combat Shooter Training Course’s give you the shooter, the opportunity to experience of how it feels to train “In the Field” and Will Not Be Canceled Due To Foul Weather!

This is your chance to learn advanced combat pistol tactics and have some serious fun.

SpecDive Tactical combat training specializes in the teaching of combat proven techniques and procedures. Training is performed via a professional background and experience in military. These classes are the real deal, and the tactics, techniques and procedures are familiar to anyone with a professional or military special forces background.

SpecDive Tactical trainers have taken the best elements of military training and adapted this for civilians who wish to protect themselves and their family.



PISTOL CLASS Combat Training

  • Reliable firearm Glock, Smith And Wesson M&P, Springfield XD style pistols (9mm or 40 Cal.)
  • 3 Magazines hold at least 15 rounds per magazine)  
  • Holster (Safariland, GALCO etc. No Blackhawk style holsters allowed)
  • Tactical battle belt or chest rig with Magazine pouch for 3 magazines
  • 150-300 rounds of ammunition per shooter

You can stop in the store to register for this and get directions or do it online, but do it! This training can save a life, but you can also learn skills that last a lifetime.


(703) 941-4867

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