Combat Rifle Training in West Virginia

Combat Rifle Training in West Virginia

SpecDive Tactical Combat Rifle Training in West Virginia at Echo Valley Training Center.

A full day of professional rifle combat training.

Combat Rifle Training in West Virginia

Saturday is Combat Pistol Training day, followed by Combat Rifle Training on Sunday. You can register for either one, but remember that if you register for both you save $50!

combat rifle trainingThis course addresses the effective use of a tactical or law enforcement rifle/carbine, with quick targeting and accurate shooting at close to intermediate distances. This course covers the fundamentals of safety, manipulation, marksmanship, firing positions, field shooting, zeroing and rifle theory. Then this combat rifle training moves into more specialized and advanced techniques applicable to the AR-type rifle; carry techniques, tactical positions, shooting on the move, alternative shooting positions, effective use of cover, and multiple targets, by using tactical simulation.

Combat Rifle Training in West Virginia at EVTC

Basic Combat Rifle Course will cover the following:

  • tactical rifle training by SpecDive TacticalFundamentals of rifle shooting
  • Basic rifle manipulation
  • Loading and unloading magazines
  • Properly loading and unloading cartridges into the rifle
  • Working the bolt carrier and bolt catch
  • Zeroing of the weapon system 
  • Multiple Target Engagement
  • Engaging targets at distances of 7-25 yards 
  • Timed Shooting Drills

Combat Shooter Basic Rifle Requirements

  • AR-15/ M-4 style rifle  or equivalent weapon system (AK-47, AK-74, SCAR,
  • etc.) equipped either with an optic and/or iron sights
  • Tactical battle belt or chest rig with Magazine pouch for 3 magazines
  • 3 Magazines (30 Rd capacity perfered)
  • 300 rounds of ammo per shooter
  • No Steel Core Ammo Allowed
  • Long pants and no “V Neck” shirts or  shorts
  • Good outdoor style shoes or boots
  • Note That Event Will Not Be Canceled Due To Inclement Weather!

EVTC range is located approx. 20 minutes west of Winchester. SDT’s Combat Shooter Experience Course’s give you the shooter the opportunity to experience of how it feel’s to train “In the Field ”.

Echo Valley Training Center is the premier outdoor shooting range on the East Coast and the largest and best privately held range in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Space is limited!

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