Combat Shooter Training is This Weekend

The Spring Combat Shooter Training is this weekend, April 6-7 . Combat Pistol Saturday and Combat Rifle Sunday at Echo Valley Training Center in WV.

Combat Shooter Training is this weekend, April 6-7

During this specialized course. you will shoot up to 500 rounds per day and do things with your firearms that you didn’t not even know were possible. Must book before Friday 3PM

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This event is a two day course on combat pistol (day one) and combat rifle (day two). While in this course you will dramatically improve your accuracy as well as learn how to move and shoot (at the same time) with your firearm.

The bottom line: You have someone who knows what they are doing critiquing your technique, pointing out any bad habits you might be exhibiting during live fire and helping you vastly improve your skill set.

Having access to the Mid-Atlantic’s finest training range, allows SpecDive Tactical trainers to teach;

  • familiarity with your sidearm
  • handgun/ rifle retention techniques
  • ability to properly and quickly draw pistol from the holster
  • proper shooting platforms and stances
  • trigger control
  • malfunction drills
  • tactical and combat reloading
  • shooting from cover and concealment
  • shooting on the move
  • and more

Training makes you safer, both for yourself and the people around you, at home and in public.

These classes at the Echo Valley Training Center are far and few between so come see us today.

Questions? Come on in.  

(703) 941-4867

See you at Echo Valley!

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