A Couple DC Records Broken in October

A Couple DC Records Broken in October

This news this week that a couple records were broken surprised no one. There was a record number DC background checks and concealed carry applications.

A Couple DC Records Broken in October

Nationally, experts predicted that the firearm market would crater when the Republicans won the White House were proved wrong yet again when the NICS numbers came out this week.

The FBI just reported that October recorded the nation’s second highest number of gun purchase background checks ever, putting 2017 on a pace to be the second highest sales year in history.

At the same time, cities and counties around the country are reporting record setting applications for concealed carry permits.

And no where is this more true than across the river in D.C.

In September 2017 there was but 1 firearm background check among D.C. residents. This October, there were 217, with all coming in the last 3 weeks after D.C. changed from a “may issue” to a “shall issue” carry jurisdiction. Over two thirds of those buyers also applied for a D.C. Concealed Carry Permit. In fact, of all the concealed carry applications that have come into Metro DC Police for 2017, 48% came in the last 3 weeks of October.

And that’s just D.C. residents.

It’s important to keep in mind, If you’s like to conceal carry in D.C. you’ll need a D.C. Concealed Carry Permit to do so, as D.C. does not honor or recognize any other state-issued permits.

The Bad News

SpecDive Tactical is hosting a 2-Day DC Concealed Carry Permit Training Class this coming weekend, but it is now full. So due to the increased demand…

The Good News

SpecDive Tactical is hosting another 2-Day D.C. Concealed Carry Permit Training Class December 2-3

DC Concealed Carry Course at SpecDive Tactical December 2-3

Presented by DC Learn to Shoot in association with and sponsored by SpecDive Tactical, 5710 General Washington Dr., Unit E, Alexandria, VA 22312, specdive.com, 703-941-4867

DC Concealed Carry Course at SpecDive Tactical in Alexandria Virginia

Class room hours:

Saturday, December 2, 2017:  8:30 am to 5 pm

Sunday, December 3, 2017: 9 am to 5 pm

Range sessions to be scheduled individually with students

Lead Instructors:  George L. Lyon, Jr., of DC Learn to Shoot and Arsenal Attorneys, Jerry Rapp, Owner, SpecDive Tactical

Course fee:  $325, plus range fees and ammunition, click here to register

Course is taught by an MPD Certified Concealed Carry Instructor.  It will cover all material necessary to qualify for the DC Concealed Pistol License, including:

  • Firearm safety
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Situational awareness and de-escalation, managing unknown contacts
  • Defensive shooting, malfunction clearances and tactical movement
  • Registering a firearm in DC and applying for the DC Concealed Carry License
  • Drawing from a concealed holster
  • Gun retention and takeaways
  • Firearm and equipment selection and maintenance; concealment options
  • DC and federal law regulating the possession, transfer and transportation of firearms and ammunition and limitations on carrying a handgun
  • Law of self-defense and the aftermath of a violent encounter
  • Tactical shooting drills using SpecDive’s laser simulator
  • Two hours of range time including the 50 round DC shooting test

Students will need a carry gun, strong side holster and cover garment.  Students lacking a carry gun or holster, may rent equipment for a $10 fee.

Training materials and DC forms necessary to apply for the DC Carry License and to register carry handguns in DC will be provided as will a pizza lunch on both days.

For more information contact:  George at 202-669-0442 or Jerry at 703-941-4867

To Book it Today and Get Your DC Concealed Carry Permit.


Give us a call. 

(703) 941-4876 


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