Precision Rifle Course Level 1

June 4, 2022 – June 5, 2022 all-day America/New York Timezone
6688 Capon River Rd
High View, WV 26808
Jerry Rapp
Precision Rifle Course Level 1 @ ECHO VALLEY TRAINING CENTER, WEST VIRGINIA | High View | West Virginia | United States

Whether you’re brand new to long-range precision shooting, want to extend your hunting range, learn new shooting skills, or compete in precision rifle matches, the SpecDive Tactical professionals provide practical, hands-on training to help you meet these needs.

Precision Rifle Course Level 1

SpecDive Tactical is proud to offer another exclusive course to our shooting customers. Our Basic Precision Rifle Course is designed to familiarize you with your rifle and optic. The course focuses on the use of your precision rifle and understanding what it takes to operate it effectively under all environmental conditions with extreme accuracy out to 600 meters.

This is a two-day course comprising classroom and live fire modules with students getting individualized instruction.

Precision Rifle Course Level 1 at Echo Valley Training Center

Objective: to provide the student the knowledge and skill set to successfully hit targets out to the maximum effective range of their rifle.

The training regimen includes:

  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Zeroing
  • Cold bore theory
  • Scope theory
  • Use of chronograph
  • Wind Estimation
  • Range estimation
  • Cleaning procedures

Calibers Restrictions: .260 to .338

Class will be 8 hours per day.

Cost for the two day course will be $750.00 per person.

These two full days of training is designed to teach you to work with your precision rifle confidently to get you on target every time.

Students that complete the course will have a high level of proficiency in rifle safety, marksmanship fundamentals, a working knowledge of their personal capabilities with their equipment as well as systematic training methods for future progression.

Cancellation made within 72 hours of class’s starting time will not be refunded.

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