SpecDive Tactical (SDT) accepts (inbound/outbound) firearm transfers (from/to) our Preferred Dealer Network and dozens of other licensed dealers from across the country. WE DO NOT accept transfers directly from private individuals, this is a protection both for you and our shop to verify that the item transferred is not a stolen weapon. SDT is federally licensed to transfer all makes and models of rifles and shotguns to persons 18 years of age or older. Additionally, SDT is permitted by law to transfer all makes and models of handguns, receivers, frames, shotguns without shoulder stocks, and other firearms that do not meet the legal definition of a shotgun or rifle to persons 21 years of age or older and ALL CLASS II, III NFA items.

Procedures for Incoming Transfers to SDT

If you have purchased a firearm from another FFL and you want SDT to handle the incoming transfer, you the customer must do the following:

A. Notify SDT at or call us at (703) 941-4867 that you are making a purchase and would like SDT to handle the incoming transfer. This notification should include your name, telephone number, and email address.

Please note that you must be a Virginia resident with a Valid VA. driver’s license or VA. ID that has been issued for more than over 30 days, and forward the name of the FFL that will be shipping your firearm to SDT, with the make and model of the firearm.

B. Purchase the firearm from the seller and pay for it directly.

C. Provide to the FFL shipping the firearm to SDT our email ( so we can forward our FFL to them.

It is you the customer’s responsibility to provide the shipping FFL with your complete contact information to so that there will be no delay in the transfer of the firearm to you.

D. SDT will notify you usually via your phone number that the firearm has arrived, and is ready for pick up and transfer.

In/Outbound Transfers:

$50.00 per non NFA firearm, plus shipping if applicable (Pistol, Rifle and shotguns)
$150.00 for NFA items (Silencers, SBR’s, etc.)

Shipping Service:

All handguns are shipped UPS 2-Day Air Express.
All long guns are shipped UPS Ground.
Shipping Fees vary by destination, dimension, and weight.
Service includes packing and tracking –

just drop off your firearm(s), copy of your ID, contact information for intended recipient, and recipient FFL dealer info and you’re done!

Shipping and tracking information can be provided via email upon request.