Firearm Training at Echo Valley

Firearm Training at Echo Valley August 19-20

Firearm Training at Echo Valley - NoVa, Virginia, Northern Virginia, West Virginia - Professional pistol and rifle training classes at EVTC.

Join the SpecDive Tactical Trainers for the SpecDive Tactical Combat Pistol/Rifle Weekend August 19-20 at Echo Valley Training Center.

From early Spring to late Fall, SpecDive Tactical, located in Alexandria VA, conducts a wide variety of firearm training at Echo Valley Training Center in High View West Virginia.

  • SpecDive Tactical is the place to be for firearms, gunsmithing and firearm training in Alexandria VA.
  • Echo Valley Training Center is the best and largest firearm training center in the Mid-Atlantic region.

This firearm training at at Echo Valley, allows movement and training exercises that just can't be taught at a regular training range.

Firearm Training at Echo Valley

Some of the firearm classes at Echo Valley Training Center each year are;

  • Basic Combat Pistol
  • Basic Combat Rifle
  • Advanced Combat Pistol
  • Advanced Combat Rifle
  • Defensive Pistol (think concealed carry on steroids)
  • Long Distance Rifle Shooting (great for hunters)

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In addition to Firearm Training at Echo Valley, we also have basic pistol, rifle and shotgun classes as well as a 4.5 hour concealed carry class here in Alexandria VA.


SpecDive Tactical carries a full line of pistols, revolvers, rifles, carbines and shotguns as well as tactical supplies.

And at SDT, we also have a fully-equipped machine shop with a full-time certified gunsmith. So no matter what you repairs or modifications you may need, we have you covered.

SpecDive Tactical is also an Authorized Silencer Shop with a Secure ID Kiosk. It's the very best way to purchase a suppressor.

First Time Buyer? We speak your language. No Intimidation. Not our style.

We can help narrow down your firearm search, offer advice, answer your questions, address your budgetary concerns, and much more, all in a professional and informative manner that is all too often missing from the typical sporting goods stores and department stores.



(703) 941-4867

5710 General Washington Drive, Unit E

Alexandria, VA 22312

Mon-Fri: 10am – 8pm | Sat: 10am – 6pm

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