Glock Pistols in NoVA

Glock Pistols in NOVA

Where to find the best selection of Glock pistols in NOVA? SpecDive Tactical in Alexandria. Go where the pros go, SpecDive Tactical for your next pistol.

Glock Pistols in NOVA

Glock Pistols in NOVA

Why has the Glock become so popular?  What is it about the design that appeals to so many shooters?

Glock pistols in Nova - The Glock 17Take the Glock 17, arguably one of the most popular handguns ever. Glock took design elements of other pistols, modified them and rolled them all up into the Glock 17. Apparently Glock got it right because the G17 went on to become one of the most prolific handguns of the 20th century. In the United States the Glock rivals the popularity of the 1911, which is pretty amazing since a number of manufacturers make a 1911 model.. The majority of police departments in the US have at one time used the Glock pistol in 9mm, .40 S&W or .45 ACP.

Why are Glock Pistols so popular NOVA, Virginia and around the US? If you want to sum it up in one word...Reliability.

The polymer frame easily shrugs off impacts that would dent or crack other frames made of aluminum or steel. Unless you’re willing to make your handgun excessively bulky (and thus solid) it won’t be as durable as a Glock. And if it's heavy, who’d want it? Speaking of Weight...

The Glock big advantage is in its weight. Or lack thereof. The standard Glock 17 tips the scales empty at a feather-light 22 ounces. Comparable pistols come in 25 to 30 percent heavier, and if the reduce the size to hit a lighter weight, they then lack the capacity of the Glock.

Lastly, the lack of a manual safety (calm down, it has a trigger safety) makes it very ready should you need it in a hurry, or the dark, or when your life depends on it. The relatively light trigger pull coupled with the lack of a manual safety makes the Glock 17 one of the quickest handguns to introduce in a dangerous situation.

Glock pistols in NOVA at SpecDive Tactical SpecDive Tactical, LLC has over 80 years combined experience supporting US Naval Special Warfare Command, Army Special Operations and Special Forces, US Navy EOD, as well as Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement sales.

For Glock, it all started in the military. To survive in this fiercely competitive business we had no choice but to raise the bar as high as our engineering skills and advanced technologies would allow. So we did, and we’ve never stopped. Because, if your primary goes down, you can’t afford to have any doubts about your secondary. Durability? Check! Reliability? Check! Accuracy? Check! It must be a GLOCK.

LAW ENFORCEMENT SALES - SpecDive Tactical is pleased to provide your department with quotes for firearms, gear, and training needs. Please e-mail or fax your request to us and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

If you are looking for Glock pistols in NOVA, come visit SpecDive Tactical in Alexandria.

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