Help Us Really Celebrate Memorial Day

Help Us Really Celebrate Memorial Day – It started in Texas and grew nationally. It also needs your support. Operation Honor Our Heroes. 

Help Us Really Celebrate Memorial Day

We will never forget the selfless sacrifice our fallen heroes have made. It is not about politics or war;
it is about immortalizing those who have served our great nation.

Operation Honor Our Heroes

100% of donated funds are allocated to our mission of honoring fallen military and first responders and meeting the unmet needs of their wounded brothers and sisters in arms and their families.

It Started in TexasHelp Us Really Celebrate Memorial Day 1

Operation Honor Our Heroes was
established in 2007 in honor of
Master Sergeant Robert “Bob” Horrigan.

Bob was a resident of Sunset Valley in Austin, Texas. Operation Honor Our Heroes began the memorial card project through a partnership with Bowie and Leander High Schools. JROTC members handmade and personalized each card for the fallen military service members of OEF and OIF from Texas.

Memorial Day

To meet the increasing demands, Operation Honor Our Heroes began digitizing cards in 2011 so families and friends could take home their own personalized memory of their fallen hero.

A great deal of thought and research is devoted to the creation of each memorial card Operation Honor Our Heroes produces. Each fallen service member has a card made in their honor unique to them. It is a “one of a kind” tribute.

In 2012, Operation Honor Our Heroes placed almost 7,000 flags on Auditorium Shores in Austin, Texas. One flag was placed for every service member killed in action in OEF, OIF, and OND. The organization is committed to displaying these flags for the fallen for years to come.

And from there it went national.

In 2016, OHOH set up their first display in Washington DC on the National Mall.

10,000 American flags were posted, symbolizing one per 100 military service members killed in action since the Revolutionary War. Of the 10,000 flags, 6,883 flags had personalized memorial cards posted on them for each Post 9/11 service member killed.

Bringing the Memorial Day display to Washington, D.C. has allowed Operation Honor Our Heroes to expand the scope of our memorial project. We had the honor of remembering our fallen first responders and ISAF Coalition members at our inaugural event. They will remain a permanent part of our annual display.

Get Involved

OHOH has an ongoing need for donations and volunteers in a number of fields including administrative assistance, community outreach, fundraising, graphic design, research, etc. Operation Honor Our Heroes needs support year-round because EVERY DAY is Memorial Day to us.

You can quickly and easily donate at Operation Honor Our Heroes

Get involved in the D.C. Area:
Christi-Ana Crews

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