The Importance of Firearm Training

The Importance of Firearm Training

The Importance of Firearm Training – From flipping burgers to driving a car, we train for one primary reason. To reduce our liability.

The Importance of Firearm Training

The Importance of Firearm Training

If you ask a group of people why they should take firearm training, the large majority will say “to be better prepared to defend themselves and their family.”

And there is little doubt that is a great reason to sign up for a firearm training class.

But there is another great reason to train;


Take for instance, the fast food industry. After the pathogen release at Chipotle, they closed for a day, nationwide, to better train their employees.

Put another way, if an 17 year old undercooks a quarter pounder at McDonald’s, and the customer gets sick, they sue McDonalds, not the employee.

The Importance of Firearm Training - Reduce LiabilityIn the importance of firearm training, think of yourself as McDonalds Corp and the gun as the employee. Because in a worse case scenario, when using your firearm in self defense, you might be liable for how you used your firearm.

Even in a civil case, would you want the judge or jury to hear about “Untrained Firearm Owner Shoots Potential Attacker” or rather…

“Law Abiding Citizen Who is Licensed to Carry and Trained in Many Disciples Such as Basic Pistol, Conceal Carry, and Defensive Pistol…..” 

The Importance of Firearm Training – A Big Step Forward


We can all agree that when you unholster your weapon in a life threatening situation, stress and adrenaline are running high.

But that’s generally not the case at your favorite shooting range. The sun is out, and you are standing still in a lane at the range, shooting at a stationary target. 

In a real life situation?

The importance of firearm training - liabilityChances are better that…

The sun has set, it’s raining, and things are moving. Fast.

And that’s why we introduce movement and stress into our firearm training.

So that when it’s time to pull out your weapon to save your life, it’s more like a “been there, done that” moment.

In other words, you were prepared.

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