June Guns Sales Second Highest in 2 Decades

June Guns Sales Second Highest in 2 Decades

June Guns Sales Second Highest in 2 Decades - The FBI NICS released the June 2017 background checks today. Can 2017 top the record-breaking 2016?

June Guns Sales Second Highest in 2 Decades

June Guns Sales Second Highest in 2 Decades

Coming off the biggest May background checks in history last month, the June numbers are the second highest number of June background checks since they started the NICS in 1998.

The NICS numbers for June 2017 show the FBI conducted 1,901,768 background checks.

This puts the number of total background checks for this year on a pace to hit over 25 million. Last year, due to the contentious election and acts of terrorism, both here and abroad, and of course crime, all combined to make 2016 the biggest year ever for FBI background checks which is an indication of firearm purchases.

In 2016 a record 27,538,673 checks were conducted.

But firearm purchases increase in the fall as well as in December every year. 

So it's going to be close.

But if we backtrack to late last year after a "pro-gun" candidate beat a "gun-control" candidate, nearly everyone predicted the firearm market would collapse and firearm sales would plummet.

And that might have come true.

Except for the fact that no matter what political power is in office, we still want to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Firearms in Alexandria VA - Firearm TrainingAnd the fact concealed carry is exploding.

Because crime hasn't suddenly gone away.

And terrorism hasn't disappeared.

And shooting as a sport is growing by leaps and bounds, especially with women.

So yes, we will still see records broken. We will still see records threatened. 

And we won't be surprised if the 2017 numbers beat the 2016 record.

Neither should you.

  • You can see the FBI NICS records HERE
  • You can read the Washington Examiner article HERE

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