NICS Firearm Checks Jump in February

NICS Firearm Checks Jump in February

NICS Firearm Checks Jump in February - The FBI saw an increase in firearm background checks of nearly 1/3 of a million over last month.

NICS Firearm Checks Jump in February

NICS Firearm Checks Jump in February

According to the FBI, the number of NICS firearms checks went up by more than 300,000 over January’s total. That’s an increase of just under 100,000 checks over the same period last year.

This February, the NICS performed a total of 2,333,193 background checks, the second highest ever for the month of February. In February 2017, that number was just 2,234,817.

January 2018 only had 2,030,530 NICS checks. That was a a slight decrease from the same period in 2017 when 2,043,184 NICS checks were performed.

Now since you might actually fail a background check, these numbers don't exactly translate to firearm purchases, but it's a good barometer of purchases. While a number of people will get a check done and never actually purchase  a firearm, there are others who buy more than one firearm on a single background check. 

But since it's likely that many of these were first time purchasers, it shows that people not only want to protect their rights to legally purchase a firearm, they want to protect themselves and their family.

But is doesn't end with a gun purchase.

You must train to be prepared to use it in a life or death situation.

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NICS Firearm Checks Jump in February

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