I Have a Pistol and Carry Permit - Now What

I Have a Pistol and Carry Permit – Now What?

You Have a Pistol and Carry Permit – Now What? Get trained today. Concealed Carry Training, Defensive Pistol Training and Gun Law Seminar this Saturday.

I Have a Pistol and Carry Permit – Now What?

I Have a Pistol and Carry Permit - Now What

Just 24 states and the District of Columbia include mandatory range time as part of their permitting process, while the remaining 26 have no such requirement in place.

Does this mean you can carry without ever firing a handgun?

Here in Virginia, yes.

But here at SpecDive Tactical, we use caution. Concealed carriers who aren’t familiar with how to use their weapon can pose a danger to themselves and the general public.

Worse, most are not aware of the carry laws.

This Saturday SpecDive is hosting a Gun Law Seminar featuring experienced attorneys, law enforcement, and other firearms professionals who cover a wide-range of topics such as the Castle Doctrine, Duty to Retreat, the justified use of deadly force, where you can legally carry, what to expect when law enforcement arrives, and much more.

Also, carrying in public without knowing exactly how to draw and fire, is all too similar to letting your teenage son take his first drive ever behind the wheel of the family sedan on the beltway. At 5 PM.

It’s the same thing with a weapon. You get a person who’s unfamiliar and put a live loaded weapon in their hand and expect them to be both competent and safe, you’re asking a lot of that person.

Not unlike putting your teenager behind the wheel on the beltway for the first time (and not an empty church parking lot).

Not the very best idea.

That’s why we have basic pistol training with range time.

And if you want to learn how to really shoot a firearm, stop standing in the lane at the range and shoot while moving, shoot from cover, and more at our Combat Pistol Class at Echo Valley Training Center. Or our Defensive Pistol Class.

I Have a Pistol and Carry Permit – Now What? Come to a SpecDive Tactical Training!

We can all agree that when you unholster your weapon in a life threatening situation, stress and adrenaline are running high.

But that’s generally not the case at your favorite shooting range. The sun is out, and you are standing still in a lane at the range, shooting at a stationary target. 

In a real life situation?

The importance of firearm training - liabilityChances are better that…

The sun has set, it’s raining, and things are moving. Fast.

And that’s why we introduce movement and stress into our firearm training.

So that when it’s time to pull out your weapon to save your life, it’s more like a “been there, done that” moment.

In other words, you were prepared.

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