Pistol Combat Training in Alexandria

Pistol Combat Training in Alexandria VA

Pistol Combat Training in Alexandria VA – SpecDive Tactical has Basic Pistol and Concealed Carry Training, but we also have a full-day of Combat Pistol.

Pistol Combat Training in Alexandria VA

Recent events here in Alexandria, in the U.S. and around the world highlight the need not only for professional concealed carry training, but defensive pistol and combat pistol training as these day-long classes give you the tools and training you need to get out of a bad situation alive.

Pistol Combat Training in Alexandria

Pistol Combat Training in Alexandria VA – SpecDive Tactical

If you are a beginner, we can’t stress enough that our basic pistol course (which includes range time) is a great first step. Additionally, our Concealed Carry Class in Alexandria is a 4.5 hour interactive class that covers not only self defense tactics, but VA laws as they apply to concealed carry and self defense.

And even if you practice at the range, you are standing still, shooting at a stationary target,

Does that seem like how things would evolve in a real life scenario?

Not exactly.

In a real life situation you would be moving, more likely running while shooting and even shooting from cover.

And you can’t do that on the range.

But you will in these two pistol training classes.

Pistol Combat Training in Alexandria VA – At Echo Valley Training Center

pistol combat training in Alexandria VAThis full day course will cover an in-depth explanation and exploration of Combat Shooting vs. Standard Target Practice. Combat Pistol Training is the biggest step towards being 100% proficient with a pistol in any situation or environment. Our instructors will push you well past your comfort zone.

Our instructors are passionate when it comes to this level of training and we want you to succeed. Our key focus is to give the student the skill set and ability to confidently defend one’s own life or the safety of others, without any hesitation or doubt.

Defensive Pistol Training in Alexandria VA – At Echo Valley Training Center

Defensive pistol training in AlexandriaThe 8-hour SpecDive Tactical Defensive Pistol Course is designed to get you familiar with and highly capable with your everyday carry concealed firearm. The course focuses on the use of force in a legal defensive circumstance, as applied to Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit laws.

All while shooting as the training progresses quickly into an emphasis on applying more advanced techniques under more difficult real-life situations.

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