Precision Rifle Course

Ladies, Gents,

I used to like to put information like this on Facebook. THESE DAYS it just takes one snowflake to Red flag you and the Gestapo show up at your door. So you are a select cadre of people who I promised a debrief or may be interested in my adventure. What did you do on your Summer vacation? A classic back to school essay. Well Paula and I planned to go to Italy. Italy was closed. So I took a course. I learned how to shoot my Ruger American Predator .308 WIN 600 yards.

I want to extend my most sincere gratitude to Jerry Rapp (former USMC/USN CHIEF Petty Officer, Diver), and John Clift (Former Master Chief Petty Officer SEAL) for delivering their Precision Rifle Course Level 1. A SPECDIVE TACTICAL quality product.

Their cadre of former USMC SGT MAJ Sniper, USCG Petty Officer/DEA, former USMC/DCPD Tactical Officer, and a “TACTICAL Graphic Artist” deploy an unmatched qualified team to show a novice how to achieve their goal.

I knew when I was able to use 4-wheel drive and ford a stream to get to our ranges I was in for a fun adventure weekend. I signed up for this course months ago. When I arrived I was a little apprehensive. I didn’t know what I got myself into. It just so happens that just like the Veterans wreaths at Christmas, my Navy CAPT friend and colleague’s retirement and other Veteran events these instructors and a large portion of the class, 9 of us; a platoon, are my people. Family if you will. We speak the same language. We stood the watch. One had to take notes. I received my DOPE…ugh…that is DATA ON PREVIOUS ENGAGEMENTS book. One records Weather, weapon, time, ammunition, Minute Of Angel or Milliradian settings on the scope and other info so the shot can be repeated. Operating at the Echo Valley WV training range we began our mission. The nicest thing one of the instructors said to me was “it’s your DOPE you’re just dancing around it.” That’s when I was close and finally Battle Zeroed (BZO) my rifle. 100 Yds. 200, and finally after day 1 I had BANGED THE GONG at 300 yards. They made me do it 3 times.

Day two, 90 degrees, probably 65-70% humidity again, this time no clouds and winds 3 – 10 miles an hour with gusts. By day two we had enough info to start ourselves. My partner Vic spotted for me. I’ll give him an omage in my DOPE book. I leveraged his DOPE and he took me to 400 yards. The Chief and Master Chief took me to 500 and 600 yards. The target: a 16″ square at 600 yards. Think about it. Really, try to visualize it! That’s Venison on the table that most hunters would not get.

I always am reminded how physical shooting is even in a prone position (all day). I overcame a serious lack of confidence. I was surprised that I was defeating myself. One can do most things with the right coach. I guess it’s a Chief Petty Officer thing. Not only did I achieve a hit at 600 yds; they made me do it 3 times. It was notable my low-end Ruger hung with some elite pieces of equipment such as a Hornady 6.5 PRC. We were all big boys and girls. Everyone was safe. We got “THE PATCH”. I just so happen to put patches on my Jeep Jacket. Speaking of my Jeep. Baby (the Jeep) found a boyfriend (she’s such a wayward Jeep). We got a picture of him.

Quite an adventure. SPECDIVE TACTICAL offers a number of training courses for the hunter or aspiring marksman. I’ll be able to continue to hone my skills at their facility in Alexandria, VA. The SPECDIVE TACTICAL team’s attention to detail and superior performance reflect great credit on their professionalism and the product they deliver. WELL DONE SPECDIVE!

Regards to all!

Very respectfully,

ed (gordo) gordonISCS (AW), USN (RET)

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