Rifle Training in NoVa - SpecDive Tactical Alexandria VA

Rifle Training in NoVa – Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax

Rifle Training in NoVa – Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax – Professional Rifle Training in Alexandria and Echo Valley – Learn from the professionals at SDT.

Rifle Training in NoVa

It’s no secret. SpecDive Tactical has the largest variety of rifle training in NoVa. The largest firearm store in Northern Virginia is also the home of the most professional firearm training classes.

But for now, since we are talking rifles, we’ll leave the concealed carriers out of the picture.

Rifle Training in NoVa – Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax

Rifle Training in NoVa - SpecDive Tactical Alexandria VA

Of course, you have to start somewhere.

The SpecDive Tactical Basic Rifle Course

This Basic Rifle Training course is 2 hours long, and you will learn the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude for owning and operating a rifle safely. The course includes classroom and range time learning to shoot rifles and carbines. You will learn the rules for safe gun handling; gun parts and operation; ammunition; shooting fundamentals; range rules; shooting from the bench rest position, and standing positions; weapon cleaning; and continued opportunities for skill development.

Basic Combat Rifle Course – 8 Hour Rifle Combat Training

YOU the Shooter will Participate in the Following Tactical/Dynamic Shooting Skills:

  • 2014-10-26 10.39.01Proper Range conduct and etiquette
  • Safe weapons handling
  • Standard malfunction protocol
  • Grip and stance
  • Visual Target Accommodation
  • Drawing the Handgun
  • Manipulation and Retention of the Handgun and Carbine Rifle
  • Proper Grip For Optimal Recoil Management
  • Accuracy Drills
  • Shooting from Cover
  • Multiple Target Engagement both on paper and steel targets
  • Engaging targets at distances of 3-100 yards (Stationary and Moving Evolutions)
  • Timed Shooting Drills (Stationary and Moving Evolutions)


And taking this class will qualify you to take the Advanced Rifle Combat Course this fall.

Also, we will be announcing the date for Long Distance Shooter Courses very soon.

And, yes, we do have a kick-ass concealed carry class that is 4.5 hours long.

(It’s for people who are serious about carrying)

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