Tactical Firearms Training in Virginia

Tactical Firearms Training in Virginia

Tactical Firearms Training in Virginia - Combat Pistol, Combat Rifle, Defensive Pistol - Advanced Concealed, Long-Range Precision Rifle, VA and DC Multi-Jurisdiction Concealed Carry Training, Basic and Advanced Pistol/Rifle Training from SpecDive Tactical in Alexandria Virginia.

Tactical Firearms Training in Virginia 2019

SpecDive Tactical is the place to be for Professional Tactical Firearms Training in Virginia.

In addition to our Basic Handgun and Rifle/Shotgun courses, SpecDive offers a wide array of firearm training for hunters and sport shooters at every skill level.

Tactical Firearms Training in Virginia

Tactical Firearms Training in Virginia 2019 - SpecDive Tactical

Here is a basic overview of our 2019 firearm training courses here in Virginia.

Basic Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun Training

Held throughout the week here in Alexandria, these training classes are for beginners or intermediates. Includes Range Time. Runs typically about two (2) hours depending on class size.

VA Concealed Carry Permit Training

The problem with online training for a CWP here in Virginia is that they do not contain any references to Virginia Law anVirginia Concealed Carry Training For DC Permitd how it relates both to concealed carry as well as in the home. Our 4.5 hour interactive VA Concealed Carry Training here in Alexandria addresses these issues and much more. Classroom Only.

DC Concealed Carry Training in Virginia

Course is taught by an MPD Certified Concealed Carry Instructor here in Alexandria VA.  It covers all material necessary to qualify for the DC Concealed Pistol License. This is a 16-Hour Course over two days, with the required 50 round live fire test.

Basic Combat Pistol 

Here where it gets to be fun. You move. You move and shoot. You shoot while moving. In other words, it's much closer to a real life situation than a day at the range. Combat Pistol Training is the biggest step towards being 100% proficient with a pistol in any situation or environment. (8) Hour Course.

Basic Combat Rifle

Pretty much the same as combat pistol only with a bigger firearm. These are for the folks that are serious about protecting the homestead. And again, there is plenty of movement as well as firing at targets from different positions. 8 Hour Course.Virginia combat training april 7-8 - Combat Rifle

Basic Precision Rifle 

Our Basic Precision Rifle Course is designed to familiarize you with your rifle and optic. The course focuses on the use of your precision rifle and understanding what it takes to operate it effectively under all environmental conditions with extreme accuracy out to 600 meters. 16 Hour Course. Both are (8) hour days.

Defensive Pistol

Think of this Defensive Pistol Course as "Advanced Concealed Carry on Caffeine".  This (2) day Defensive Shooters Course is designed to give you the necessary tools to deploy your conceal and carry weapon. Day 1 consist of classes, basic weapons handling and presentation drills, mixed instructor lead medium demonstration. Day 2 consist of scenario based drills from in and out of vehicles to walls and barricades. Both are (8) hour days.

Advanced Precision Rifle

Precision Rifle Class in Virginia - Long Range Shooting Course 2018The course focuses on the use of your precision rifle from alternate positions while engaging multiple targets. This course will also further develop the use of using a ballistic solver. These two (2) full days of training is designed to teach you to work with your precision rifle confidently to get you on target every time. Pre-Req - Basic Precision Rifle Both are (8) hour days.

Advanced Combat Training

The pinnacle of combat training, the SpecDive Tactical Advanced Combat Shooter Training Course is unlike any other training available outside of SpecOps. Note: You must have completed the basic combat course in order to take the advanced course. This is a two (2) day course utilizing both rifle and pistol (primary and secondary).

Tactical Firearms Training in Virginia 2019 - SpecDive Tactical

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From beginners to intermediates to advanced, SpecDive Tactical wants you to be the best shooter possible as it relates to your specific needs. From Sport Shooters, to Hunters, to Competition Shooting, to protecting yourself and loved ones, SpecDive Tactical has a training for you in mind. 

Professional Tactical Firearms Training in Virginia at SDT

Are you looking for professional tactical firearms training in Virginia?  Or a VA or DC Concealed Carry Training in NoVa/ Virginia / DC/ Maryland area? Because if you are, then come visit SpecDive Tactical here in Alexandria VA and see for yourself why we the area's premiere firearm and tactical gear store. Knowledgeable help, professional firearm training, wide selection, expert in-house gunsmith services, authorized Silencer Shop.

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Come experience the difference at SpecDive.


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