Tactical Firearms Training in Virginia 2019

Tactical Firearms Training Virginia

Tactical Firearms Training Virginia - SpecDive Tactical in Alexandria has basic to the most advanced firearm training available in VA


2019 Training Classes

Tactical Firearms Training Virginia

Tactical Firearms Training in Virginia 2019

Whether you are in law enforcement, the military, competition shooting, an avid hunter or a civilian who wishes to protect yourself and your loved ones, SpecDive Tactical has a training class for you.

So, if you’ve just bought your first gun, it’s time to consider your training.  The choices you make for your gun training is as important as the decision to own a gun.

As with any important decision in life, it is important to do research on the subject ahead of time to arm yourself with the knowledge you will need to make the right choice for you.

And if you have had a firearm for a while, isn't time you get a little more acquainted with it? 

Tactical Firearms Training Virginia - SpecDive Tactical

Basic Firearm Training

Basic Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun Classes

This class is especially suited for men and women who are new to firearms or want an increased knowledge of handgun marksmanship. It is also very informative to experienced shooters as well. This introductory course provides hands-on training to develop safe firearm handling skills and the basic fundamentals of marksmanship. The student will quickly gain experience, confidence and increase their skill level with their handgun. Includes range time.

Virginia Concealed Carry Training

If you are serious about carrying in the state of Virginia, our 4.5 hour interactive Virginia Concealed Carry Classes in Alexandria covers all the Virginia CCW laws and regulations, as well as safety training that is central to concealed carry.

DC Concealed Carry Training

If you'd like to carry in DC, know that you'll need a DC Concealed Carry Permit, as they do not honor any other state-issued permits. Need More Info? Read the Virginia Guide to DC Concealed Carry.

Course is taught by an MPD Certified Concealed Carry Instructor.  It will cover all material necessary to qualify for the DC Concealed Pistol License.

Intermediate Tactical Firearms Training Virginia

Defensive Pistol

Two days of intensive pistol training designed to prepare you for real life events. Advanced Concealed Carry Training at Echo Valley Training Center.

This class will prepare you for real world confrontations and is ideal for anyone who has completed a Concealed Carry Class or our Basic Pistol Class and wishes to learn how to effectively deploy a firearm for the purpose of self defense.

Combat Rifle 

This course addresses the effective use of a rifle/carbine, with quick targeting and accurate shooting at close to intermediate distances. This course covers the fundamentals of safety, manipulation, marksmanship, firing positions, field shooting, zeroing and rifle theory. Then this combat rifle training moves into more specialized and advanced techniques applicable to the AR-type rifle; carry techniques, tactical positions, shooting on the move, alternative shooting positions, effective use of cover, and multiple targets, by using tactical simulation.

Combat Pistol

This full day course will cover an in-depth explanation and exploration of Combat Shooting vs. Standard Target Practice. Combat Pistol Training is the biggest step towards being 100% proficient with a pistol in any situation or environment.

Our firearm professionals will push you well past your comfort zone. Our instructors are passionate when it comes to this level of training and we want you to succeed.

Our key focus is to give the student the skill set and ability to confidently defend one’s own life or the safety of others, without any hesitation or doubt.

Precision Rifle

This 2-day Precision Rifle Training for hunters and sport shooters teaches you how to operate your rifle effectively up to 600 meters.

Objective: to provide the student the knowledge and skill set to successfully hit targets out to the maximum effective range of their rifle.

These two full days of training is designed to teach you to work with your precision rifle confidently to get you on target every time.

Advanced Tactical Firearms Training Virginia

Advanced Combat Training

The pinnacle of combat training, the SpecDive Tactical Advanced Combat Shooter Training Course is unlike any other training available outside of SpecOps.

Note: You must have completed the basic combat course in order to take this advanced course.

This is a 2-day training at Echo Valley Training Center in West Virginia utilizing a rifle (primary) and Pistol (Backup).

Advanced Precision Rifle

Advanced Precision Rifle Course is designed to build on the previously attended Basic Precision Rifle Course. The course focuses on the use of your precision rifle from alternate positions while engaging multiple targets. This course will also further develop the use of using a ballistic solver.

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Tactical Firearms Training Virginia at SpecDive Tactical in Alexandria

Tactical Firearms Training Virginia at SpecDive Tactical

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