Tactical Supplies in Alexandria VA

Tactical Supplies in Alexandria VA

SpecDive Tactical is your source for tactical supplies in Alexandria VA. Backed by a wide selection of tactical gear,supplies and expert know-how.

Tactical Supplies in Alexandria VA

In addition to a wide variety of pistols, rifles and shotguns, as well as professional firearm training, SpecDive Tactical carries a wide array of tactical supplies in Alexandria VA.

Our mission has been outfitting tactical professionals who dedicate their lives to protecting and serving the public. Whether it's military sales to an elite special operative, to local law enforcement, or a concerned citizen looking to protect themselves and their love ones, SpecDive Tactical has the tools to give you the very best tactical advantage.

Knives, flashlights, gun lights, helmet lights, eye and ear protection, chest rigs, pouches, packs and just about anything "tactical".

Tactical Supplies in Alexandria VA - The NOVA Tactical Source

Tactical Supplies in Alexandria VA

But let's talk about a home break-in for a moment. You’re asleep, dreaming away in in your warm bed, when you suddenly wake to the sound of breaking glass. During that momentary haze of waking from a deep sleep counterbalanced with a hefty shot of adrenaline when you hear your front door opening, you realize that someone is now in your home. Still foggy, you grab your gun, knowing that you need to protect yourself and your family.

Nothing wrong there. The "grab a gun and check it out.” mentality is OK.

But the question is, is OK good enough? 

Because to be truly prepared and to reduce the risk of a potential tragedy, we may need more than just a gun. This is where some thinking ahead and a little bit of tactical gear can make a huge difference in handling the situation to your advantage.

Having little bit of tactical gear can make a huge difference in your favor when handling this type of situation. Because you were prepared.

For law enforcement sales, purchase orders can be sent via e-mail info@specdive.com or call SpecDive Tactical, LLC today at (703) 941-4867  

Tactical Supplies in Alexandria VA - Contact SpecDive Tactical

Commercial security personnel and citizens seeking the very best in personal protection can come our store here in Alexandria and see why we are Virginia's premiere firearms, accessory and tactical gear store. Knowledgeable help, professional training, in-house gunsmithing, wide selection. See you soon!


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