Tactical Supplies in NoVA

Tactical Supplies in NoVA

Tactical Supplies in NoVA - SpecDive Tactical has the largest variety of tactical supplies in Northern Virginia - Firearms, Gunsmithing and more.

Tactical Supplies in NoVA

Tactical Supplies in NoVA

SpecDive Tactical is your source for tactical supplies in NoVA here in Alexandria VA. Backed by a wide selection of tactical gear, supplies and expert know-how.

Tactical Supplies in Alexandria VA

In addition to a wide variety of pistols, rifles and shotguns, as well as professional firearm training and expert gunsmithing, SpecDive Tactical carries a wide array of tactical supplies in Alexandria VA.

Our mission has been outfitting tactical professionals who dedicate their lives to protecting and serving the public. Whether it's military sales to an elite special operative, to local law enforcement, or a concerned citizen looking to protect themselves and their love ones, SpecDive Tactical has the tools to give you the very best tactical advantage.

Knives, flashlights, gun lights, helmet lights, eye and ear protection, chest rigs, pouches, packs and just about anything "tactical".

Tactical Supplies in NoVA - Firearms, Gunsmithing, Firearm Training

SpecDive Tactical also has the very best Firearm Training in NoVA

Veteran-owned and largely Veteran-staffed, SpecDive Tactical, conveniently located in Alexandria VA, is where firearm professionals, such as state and local law enforcement, Navy EOD, active military service, veterans, armed security personnel and other specialists and professionals, not only purchase their firearms, but also bring their family members and friends for their firearm purchases, tactical supplies and professional firearm training classes.

Our Basic Firearm Classes Here in NoVA

Basic Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun Classes - These classes, held 3 times a week, are for any experience level from beginner up. Includes range time.

Concealed Carry Training - This 4.5 hour classroom training covers everything you need to know to carry.

SpecDive Advanced Training at Echo Valley Training Center in West Virginia

From Spring through Fall, SpecDive Tactical offers intermediate and advanced firearm training at EVTC, the best training facility in the Mid-Atlantic Area, training military and civilians.

Combat Shooter Experience 2017 Dates

SpecDive Tactical combat shooter experience at Echo Valley

Basic Combat Shooter Weekends at Echo Valley Training Center 2017

This event is a two day course on combat pistol (day one) and combat rifle (day two). While in this course you will dramatically improve your accuracy as well as learn how to move and shoot (at the same time) with your firearm.

The bottom line: You have someone who knows what they are doing critiquing your technique, pointing out any bad habits you might be exhibiting during live fire and helping you vastly improve your skill set.

Having access to the Mid-Atlantic's finest training range, allows SpecDive Tactical trainers to teach;

  • combat-rifle-training-twitterfamiliarity with your sidearm
  • handgun/ rifle retention techniques
  • ability to properly and quickly draw pistol from the holster
  • proper shooting platforms and stances
  • trigger control
  • malfunction drills
  • tactical and combat reloading
  • shooting from cover and concealment
  • shooting on the move
  • and more

Training makes you safer, both for yourself and the people around you, at home and in public.

Basic Combat Pistol is Saturday and Basic Combat Rifle is Sunday - Sign up for both and save $50.

Advanced Combat Shooter Training

November 4-5 at Echo Valley - SpecDive Advanced Combat Shoot Course November 4-5 at EVTC where you will experience combat on a whole new level not found anywhere outside of SpecOps.

Defensive Pistol Training

SDT is proud to offer another exclusive course to our shooting customers here in NoVA. Our Defensive Pistol Course is designed to get you familiar with and highly capable with your everyday carry concealed firearm. The course focuses on the use of force in a legal defensive circumstance, as applied to Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit laws.

The SDT Defensive Pistol Course at Echo Valley is June 24 and October 21

The training regimen includes:
• De-escalation and avoidance
• Firearm presentation (draw from holster)
• Breaking contact while firing (getting off the “X”)
Combat Shooter Experience 2017 DatesShot placement
• Accuracy with compact and subcompact firearms
• After-action scene security
• Concealment techniques
• Shooting through Windows, Walls and Cars
• Ballistic Gel Shooting Presentation

Questions? Call  or Register Online Today - These EVTC Classes fill fast

 tactical supplies in NoVA - Contact SpecDive Tactical

Are in the market for tactical supplies in NoVA and the surrounding Northern Virginia area? Because if you are, then come visit SpecDive Tactical here in Alexandria and see for yourself why we the area's premiere firearm and tactical gear store. Knowledgeable help, professional firearm training, wide selection, expert in-house gunsmith services.  Come experience the difference at SpecDive.


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