Virginia CCW Permit Training

SpecDive Virginia Concealed Carry Training Course

Last year, the Pew Research Center released a study that shows that for the first time in more than 20 years, the majority of Americans support the right to purchase and use a gun.  Now, for the first time in 2 decades, more people say guns do more to protect people than put people at […]

Vanguard Hunting Rifles at SpecDive

Vanguard Hunting Rifles at SpecDive Looking for a state with big game? Virginia offers a list of larger sized animals for hunters such as deer, elk, bear and turkey, as well as small game like squirrel and quail. Virginia hunting seasons take place throughout the year in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. But don’t head out […]

SpecDive Tactical Responsive site by TABB NOW

SpecDive Tactical Launches New Fully Responsive Website

We are pleased to reveal our newly designed website for SpecDive Tactical, LLC. When Google announced the most impactful changes in their history to the mobile search algorithm this year, and we saw mobile use exploding, SpecDive Tactical contacted TABB Solutions, LLC to design an entirely new site from the ground up. Aside from the need to […]

SpecDive Tactical Combat Shooter Weekend

Come join us for the last SpecDive Tactical Combat Shooter Weekend of 2015. Mark your calendar; November 7-8 at the Echo Valley Training Center in W. Virginia.  Echo Valley Training Center is the premier outdoor shooting range on the East Coast and the largest and best privately held range on the Mid-Atlantic region. And SpecDive Tactical […]

Virginia CCW Badge - Debunked

Virginia CCW Badge? Really?

It’s recently come to our attention that Amazon, eBay and a host of other sites are selling Concealed Weapons Permit Badges. You can even get the state seal on your “Virginia CCW Badge”. These sites tell you it’s a “must have” to carry and you can “avoid friendly fire” by showing your carry badge. Of […]