Warm Weather Survival Course at EVTC

Warm Weather Survival Course

The SpecDive Tactical Warm Weather Survival Course at EVTC is September 8-9. Survive an unexpected emergency when 911 is not a simple call away.

Warm Weather Survival Course

Warm Weather Survival Course at EVTC

SDT is proud to offer another exclusive course to our customers. Our “NEW” Warm Weather Survival Course is designed to introduce the concept of basic survival techniques in warmer climates. The course focuses on the five basic survival needs.

The training regimen includes:

  • Food procurement
  • Water procurement
  • Shelter building
  • First aid
  • Signaling
  • Basic Navigation
  • Area analysis

If you find yourself exposed to a hot environment, you could quickly face the dangers of heat cramps, heat exhaustion, or heat stroke.

The STD hot weather survival training is designed to provide vital training and skills to individuals and organizations operating in hot environments. This course is designed to educate you in becoming familiar with basic survival techniques during warm weather conditions.  This course will utilize both classroom lecture and outdoor practical exercises that each student will perform.

Warm Weather Training Objectives: To develop an understanding of basic survival decisions and to remain safe until you are able to self-rescue or are found by searchers.  Be able to learn what is essential for survival situations in warm/hot weather.

This 2-Day Warm Weather Survival Course will teach you how to reduce your chances of bodily harm and increase the likelihood that you’ll live through the experience.

Be Prepared.

This training class will fill quickly.

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